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Bridge Training
creating departmental unity

4-key Predictors to Relationship Longevity

This session examines the four elements that research has shown can predict relationship longevity. Helps participants identify detrimental behavior that may exist in any relationship with specific focus on departmental interaction. Provides positive interaction skills that can build versus erode relationships.

Understanding Basic Personality Differences

Utilizing the DISC personality system, participants learn the reasons why people interact and communicate differently.  Departmental comparisons will be examined to highlight the personality styles each group should focus on to increase interaction effectiveness. Participants will identify specific departments and individual’s where differences are inhibiting interaction and commit to a 21-day plan of improvement.

Removing Dysfunction from the Team

Team assessments will be facilitated to measure the current effectiveness of interdepartmental teams. Participants will learn the 5-keys to overcoming team blockages as well as a step by step plan to improve team dynamics.

 Practical Application

Participants will examine effective interaction and communication skills as they specifically relate to meetings and e-mail.

Time: 1-2 day
Cost: Determine by time, size of group and materials

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