Courage to choose the Red Pill

"I know what youre thinking you should have taken the blue pill."

Fans of the movie "the Matrix" will immediately identify this line. The "blue pill" the actor refers to represents a choice. The choice was between the "blue pill"; a life based on a self-designed perception, or the "red pill," a life that would thrust one head on into truth.

Lately, I find myself thinking about the blue pill and the much-accepted philosophy that; "perception is everything." I have been pondering this because there has been a lot of information communicated lately about how much we knew before the 9-11 attacks. Apparently, there have been years of indication that terrorism against the United States was a real threat. How could we have neglected such obvious signs? How could we have missed so much information foretelling the agenda of American-hating radicals? But with all the "how could wes," the one question that has plunged me into reality is, if given the option, "would I, have chosen to know the truth?"

Lets face it; the blue pill has its advantages. Life really can be comfortable and the illusion that everything is ok is quite reassuring. The problem with the blue pill is that it keeps people in a sleep state preventing one from successfully preparing for the day that truth breaks down every wall perception has ever erected. That day has come, and will come again. On the other hand, the red pill promises the truth. People do not choose the red pill as often because of the possibility, actually the probability, that truth will create change, disruption and sometimes even pain. Why would anyone choose the red pill? Facing the truth means having to deal with things. It means having to change. Why would any one want to do that? Unless, perhaps they are interested in building something that will last the test of time and the test of truth.

Building something that last the test or time and truth, is author Jim Collins specialty. As a matter of fact he spent the last ten years of his life researching companies that have successfully managed their businesses to last through both great success and great adversity. To manage anything well, the author of "Good to Great" writes, "one must be willing to pick up the rock and look at the squiggly things underneath it." He is saying that if a company wants to build something that will successfully last, they have to face the reality of the moment and deal with whatever that reality is right then. The truth is that we as a nation are experiencing widespread corporate scandal and economic flux because so many were unwilling to look under the rock. Those self-indulged perceptions of the 90s are now being held accountable, not to a perception, but to the truth. If you leverage your business against a perceived $1 in the bank, at some point the system will demand the $1. In other words, the integrity of that dollar will answer to Truth.

Upon examination, I see that many times in my life I have chosen the blue pill. I am beginning to soberly understand that God has given me responsibilities on earth and my management of them will one day ultimately face the truth. The question is, what will be left standing when those things we build face the truth that time always brings?

Today in this country truth is readily displaying itself once again, and the choice once again is ours. May God grant us the grace and courage to choose the Red Pill.

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Courage to choose the Red Pill

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