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Changing Your Culture
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Changing Your Culture

Business is at a revolutionary state. Technology, resources and international relationships are volatile and progressing. So, many business cultures find themselves moving as fast as they can to stay in pace or even catch up. One of the greatest challenges leaders face is resistance from employees to move past yesterday’s product, processes and practices to embrace the changes that can keep you competitive. This course addresses how to get your team to think futuristically; how to determine who will help advance your goal and who will be dead weight; selling your group on leadership decisions and building a culture that clings to the core while embracing those dynamics that can and must change.

Time: 1 day
Materials: DISC personality profile; handbook
Cost: $395 per person (minimum participation)

Moving a resistant team member or members to
acceptance of change
Selling team on Leadership decisions
Practical protocol that creates a culture consistent with goals

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