God Only Creates Originals

One of the greatest inventions in the twentieth century was carbon copying. The copier, or most commonly referred to as the Xerox machine, enables us tremendous efficiency daily by allowing us to reproduce material again and again. However, the copies as everyone knows, are never quite as good as the original. As a matter of fact, the further away we get from the original, the lesser the quality.

What if God had a divine Xerox machine and He could just duplicate, collate and mass produce the human race? But, He doesnít. He seems to like originals. After all He keeps creating people who are different and unique. Itís the human race that doesnít seem to appreciate this concept. In this world, there appears to be an on-going struggle of being oneís self rather than a copy of someone else.

I have realized in my own life that so often I have sought to copy someone else's thoughts, style, personality or even career rather than just realizing my own. The further away I seem to get from the original me, the more I seem to loose quality of life. Every where I turn I am offered an alternative to being me. These options to being ourselves that are offered by friends, media, or popular culture, make it difficult to accept our own uniqueness because we end up comparing ourselves instead of being our self. I am convinced that inner peace is related to genuineness - which means accepting and loving our God created uniqueness.

Recently, I watched a program on PBS about new scientific findings as they relate to the universe. What I heard amazed me and enlarged my thinking about God's creativity. Many of these experts had thought that the universe was sort of like an explosion where material is sent out through force then eventually looses power and comes back to the level it began, thus ending the universe. Scientists are now discovering that instead of the universe coming to an end, it is actually expanding by millions upon millions of miles per year.

The concept that the universe is growing has given me fresh perspective about God's creativity. A growing universe makes sense to me because if I truly believe in an eternal God, I can also believe in eternal creativity. Simply put, God's creativity never ends. My faith level automatically increases as I consider the implications of how big God must be to create a universe that continues to expand. Through this effort to grasp how great God is I find myself humbled that He, for some reason, cares about me. He is not only concerned about His creation; He loves what He creates.†

I am finding that to become the original me God created takes more time and focus asking Him for clarity and less time and focus asking others. After all, who better to define creation than the Creator? In the Bible, in the book of Matthew, Jesus says to come to Him. This becomes more inviting to me as I read on to the next verse, "my yoke is easy and my burden is light". I think whenever we strive to live someone else's life, we become stressed out by the difficulty, and weight of a burden God never intended us to bear. I have personally decided that I have been spending too much of my life at the copy machine. As I let God take from me the struggle of trying to become a duplicate of someone else, I breathe a sigh of relief. You know, that darn copier was always breaking down anyway.

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