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Offering Options on Every Call

This 21-day strategy will build a sales habit for those who are not as inclined toward selling and increase the opportunities for those who are more naturally sales-oriented. Offering an Option on Every Call begins by identifying the individual's belief system concerning products and services. We naturally sell whatever we believe. If there is a lack of passion regarding products or services, it is important to backup and sell-the-seller first. With industry information and trending data customized for your company, the session will inspire passion towards the products and services your organization offers.

The 21-day strategy will give reps and managers specific goals and habit-building protocols. In other words, it becomes natural for the representative to communicate product & service options to the customer. This session is especially effective in transforming order-taking cultures and in adding momentum to cultures that have made the transition.

Time: 2 days
Materials: Session books, monitoring forms, goal sheets
Cost: $395 per person

Dallas Morning News - "We were consistently missing goals in two ancillary product areas. After the offering options training, we were 171% to goal on one and over 300% to goal on the other.”
Media News Group – "If you ever doubted that this program works, don’t – we are seeing increases of 30% here in California."

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